CaƱon City Schools Reopening Plan

School Year 2020-2021


We are asking that all families who CAN transport their children, please do so. Limitations on the number of 

students on a given bus have put significant strain on our transportation services.  In turn, we appreciate any families who CAN provide transportation.  For those who need bussing, the following applies:

  • Students and parents will be asked to maintain distancing while waiting at bus stops. 
  • No students to be seated in the seat directly behind the bus driver, or in the seat behind the aide (where applicable). 
  • All students must wear cloth face coverings over the nose and mouth, unless the student has a health reason for not wearing a mask or if a child is unable to wear a mask safely without supervision. 
  • Students will be required to sit in assigned seats on the bus. Loading the bus from the back forward when possible. 
  • Students from the same household will be seated in the same area. 
  • Students will be spaced to distance as much as possible, ideally no more than 2 students per seat.